The Car Spring Has An Extensible Compression Characteristic

- Jun 20, 2017 -

The car spring has the characteristic of extensible compression, which can absorb and release the bounce caused by the uneven road, reduce the amplitude of the bounce of the vehicle and keep the wheel in contact with the road as much as possible. And the energy generated during the elongation process will be the work of the shock absorber into heat into the air.

Progressive car spring

Usually the original model uses a progressive car spring, this car spring with a thick, dense inconsistent design, the advantage is that when the pressure is not large through the lower part of the elastic coefficient to absorb the ups and downs of the road to ensure comfort , When the pressure increases to a certain extent after the thick part of the car spring to play the role of supporting the body, Automotive Spring and this car spring is the disadvantage of manipulation is not direct, the accuracy is poor.

Linear car spring from top to bottom of the thickness, density unchanged, the elasticity of a fixed value. This design of the car spring can make the vehicle to obtain a more stable and linear dynamic response, Automotive Spring is conducive to the driver better control of vehicles, more for performance-oriented modified cars and competitive vehicles, of course, the comfort is affected.

In addition, some cars and modified cars will be in the harder linear car spring to add a thinner soft small auxiliary car spring, this combination of car spring in addition to increase comfort can also be in the main car spring pressure rebound Reduce the rebound strength, to prevent the main car spring so out of the car spring seat.

Short car spring

Short car spring compared to the original car spring to be shorter, and more sturdy, the installation of short car spring, can effectively reduce the body center of gravity, reduce the corner when the cornering, so that bending more stable and smooth, Handling. And the original shock absorber damping set bias comfortable, so the short car spring and the original shock absorber in the match is not very stable, it can not effectively inhibit the short spring rebound and compression, driving in the bumpy road , There will be a sense of discomfort jump, the long run, shock absorber life will be greatly reduced, and there may be oil leakage situation. Of course, these conditions are relatively speaking, the daily driving, then there will not be so serious damage, Automotive Spring and try not to drive, after all, the original shock absorber can not afford the high load pressure.

Replace the short car spring is to reduce the height of the most affordable conversion program for those who are not a few budgets is a good choice, of course, a sub-price goods, short car spring on the improvement of control performance is limited, but also A lot of drawbacks, so the purchase must be clear their own purpose, or when the time to complete the installation of less than expected results, resulting in unnecessary waste on the reminder of the reminder.

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