The Process Requirements Of Hot Coil Spring

- Jun 20, 2017 -

Method of repairing hot coil spring

Hot spring is a large number of production of mechanical parts, and manufacturing requirements are very strict, technically specialized high degree, so for the vast majority of easy to buy spring varieties, should be more cost-effective than the repair, only in the following Circumstances, only to consider the repair of the spring, that is:

(1) large-scale factories used by a large number of the same type of spring, Hot Coiling Spring the main form of failure for the rolling surface wear, fatigue or fretting abrasion, especially damaged parts are mostly cage or rolling body, and rings or washers are still repair value;

(2) large and extra large springs, on the verge of failure or have failed and the parts without significant damage, or precious hot coil spring must try to extend its effective use of the period;

(3) some really difficult to buy the spring varieties, Hot Coiling Spring no spare parts after failure and have to repair, especially the import spring;

(4) a slight damage to the spring, such as the slight rust generated during the stock period, and the slight micro-abrasion of the transport process, which is easy to dispose of.

In addition to the economy, the repair of the hot coil spring is also technical, which requires the mechanic to fully understand the corresponding technical requirements of the spring, with the spring and its parts in the structure, technology and materials on the characteristics, otherwise it is difficult to ensure that the spring Repair has the desired effect.

Users in the repair of the spring business, Hot Coiling Spring such as access to professional spring business cooperation, will be able to get the following benefits:

(1) can clearly repair the technical requirements of the various processes, and how to ensure the repair of the overall quality of the spring,

(2) can use a number of specialized experience of professional spring plant, Hot Coiling Spring these experiences can reliably, efficiently and economically meet the process requirements;

(3) can be ordered to the professional spring business card mold, borrowed in the repair business, may be more economical and save a lot of trouble;

(4) can be ordered to professional spring enterprises such as cage, rolling, Hot Coiling Spring rivets and other accessories, may make the repair work simple and economical.

If the hot coil spring is mounted on the adapter sleeve, determine the direction of the spring seat. The position of the nozzle of the spring seat cover should always be on the other side of the set nut. Care must be taken in the direction of the entire spring seat, since the top cover and base must be installed in the original direction.

1. The installation and removal of springs are sometimes involved; Hot Coiling Spring the use of heavy loads, tools and other equipment or the use of high pressure oil.

2. Make sure the environment is clean.

3. Check the journal's dimensions and shape tolerances.

4. Check that the surface roughness Ra of the support surface is not more than 12.5 μm. Flatness tolerance should be IT7. For less demanding applications, IT8 is available.

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