The Role Of Compression Springs

- Jun 20, 2017 -

Compression spring (compression spring) is to bear the axial pressure of the coil spring, it uses the material section is mostly circular, but also useful rectangular and multi-stranded steel system, the spring is generally equal to the pitch, the shape of the compression spring : Cylindrical, conical, convex and concave and a small amount of non-circular, etc., compression spring between the circle and the circle has a certain gap, Compression Spring when subjected to external load when the spring shrinkage deformation, storage deformation energy.

What is the role of compression spring? It is a spring to withstand the pressure of the spring, the compression spring is generally a wire and other pitch coiled and fixed diameter. Compression Spring The compression spring uses a plurality of open coils to supply the resistance force to the external load (such as gravity to the wheel, or the body is pressed against the mattress). That is, they push back to resist external pressure.

Compression springs are generally wire and other pitch coiled and have a fixed diameter. Can be used in medical breathing equipment, medical mobile devices, hand tools, home care equipment, shock absorption, engine valve springs.

The role of compression springs

The spring spring of the compression spring is used for everything from home appliances to motorized equipment, motors, etc., as it is the type of spring required. Compression Spring By the load acting on them or their ends are compressed, the compression spring is compressed by the design of the wire trying to return the spring to return to the original shape, so the load is pushed back.

The main application direction: medical breathing equipment, Compression Spring medical mobile equipment, hand tools, home care equipment, shock absorption, engine valve spring.

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