Spring Products Require A Larger Market

- Mar 09, 2017 -

According to the analysis, the current demand for spring products in the market there are five blocks: transportation, daily hardware, instrumentation and electronic appliances, industrial and mining accessories, overseas export market. The transportation market is the strongest in the transportation market, including the provision of matching and maintenance springs to industries such as automobiles, motorcycles, diesel engines and railways. This is the most important and promising market in the spring industry, with sales close to the whole industry Of the 40%, only the automotive industry in 2002 suspension spring demand for 7 million, valve spring 100 million (including motorcycles, diesel engine manufacturing), stable bar 1.2 million. 2002 for these industries supporting and providing maintenance pieces of spring total sales of more than 1 billion yuan. In the next five to seven years, China's auto industry will enter a high-growth stage, the annual growth rate will remain at 15% to 25%, 2003 suspension spring demand is expected to close to 10 million, stable pole demand 1.6 million. The rapid development of the automotive industry has a significant pulling effect on the spring industry, has become the largest spring industry users, and caused the attention of foreign spring counterparts, in addition to the first step into the Chinese market, several foreign capital, joint ventures, the recent Japanese winding Co., Ltd., Central Clockwork Co., Ltd. also entered China, to have a place in this market. There is a spring industry, a major potential market is the railway system, with the deepening of the railway system reform, the market gradually open to the outside world and the implementation of high-speed railway planning, vehicle damping system is facing upgrading, the railway line to install a new type of shock absorption Components, will have a huge business opportunities to the spring industry, enterprises have been listed as the Ministry of Railways high-speed train spring fixed-point units, there are units in the development of rubber - metal composite spring for high-speed railway track vibration and noise reduction.

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