Identification And Quality Requirements Of Brake Spring Return Spring

- Mar 09, 2017 -

Quality requirements for brake shoes:

1) material

Spring material should be Ⅰ, Ⅱ group of carbon spring wire wound around.

2) hardness

Quenched and tempered cold rolled spring, the hardness value in the range of 44-52HRC selected. In special cases, the hardness value can be expanded to 55HRC.

3) appearance quality requirements

The spring surface should be black, the wire surface should be smooth, not allowed to crack, oxide, corrosion and other defects; hook bend can not have scars; cold spring does not allow the depth of the material beyond the tolerance of half of the individual indentation , Pits and scratches.

4) Tensile springs with working load limits are not permanently deformed under working load.