What Is The Difference Between A Compression Spring And A Tension Spring?

- Mar 09, 2017 -

The compression spring (spring) is a coil spring that receives axial pressure, and the spring is usually equidistant. The shape of the compression spring is: cylindrical, conical, convex and concave, and a few non-circular, Spring between the circle and the circle has a certain gap, when the external load when the spring shortening deformation, storage deformation energy.

The tension spring (tension spring) is a coil spring that receives axial tension, and the tension spring is usually made of circular cross-section. When the load is not accepted, there is no gap between the ring and the ring of the tension spring. The use of stretching after the rebound (pull) operation, to control the movement of the parts, storage energy, measuring the size of the force, widely used in machinery, appearance. The hook of the way, such as side hook pull spring, long hook pull spring, British hook pull spring, German hook pull spring, semi-round hook pull spring, duckbill hook spring, etc., its information is stainless steel, Steel, phosphor bronze, oil tempered alloy spring steel.

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