Forging Production Characteristics Of Hot Coil Spring

- Aug 30, 2017 -

Hot coil spring is mainly used for large-scale spring coil, easy to distort after heating, less elasticity, after the formation of quenching after tempering treatment.

Characteristics of heat coil spring forging safety technology production

(a) Hot coil spring forging production characteristics.

The heating metal material is forged into various shape tools, mechanical parts or blanks, and the hot coil springs are forged. Hot coil spring Forging can change the internal microstructure of metal materials, Hot Coiling Spring refine the crystal and improve its mechanical properties. Because hot coil spring forging is in the hot state of metal extrusion, pressure, forging, molding, so the production process has high temperature, soot, Hot Coiling Spring vibration and noise and other hazards, a little negligence may occur burning, machine tool damage and fire accident.

Hot coil spring Forging production must use heating equipment, forging equipment and many auxiliary tools.

The main heating equipment is flame furnace (oil furnace, gas stove, etc.) and electric furnace. Heating furnace and hot workpiece radiation a large amount of heat, Hot Coiling Spring flame furnace use of various fuel combustion production of slag, soot, such as not to take ventilation and purification measures, will pollute the working environment, worsen labor conditions, easy to cause injury accidents.

Forging equipment is mainly steam hammer, air hammer, die forging hammer, mechanical hammer, splint hammer, Spring hammer, Belt hammer, Crank press, friction press, hydraulic press, expansion machine, roll forging machine and so on. All kinds of forging equipment exert impact load on the workpiece, Hot Coiling Spring so it is easy to damage the equipment and personal accident, if the piston rod is broken, it often causes serious injury accident. The vibration and noise produced by the forging equipment affect the artificial neural system and increase the likelihood of accidents.

Forging tools and auxiliary tools, in particular, manual forging and free forging, clamp and other types of a wide range, all at the same time in the workplace, often very messy, and because of the frequent tool change in the work, it increases the difficulty of checking tools, sometimes make use of improper tools, Hot Coiling Spring easy to cause injury accidents. Hot coil spring forging production in a large volume of traffic, to use a variety of transport equipment, a little attention is also prone to accidents.

Hot coil spring forging belongs to the collective operation, Hot Coiling Spring each operator's technical level, the mental state as well as whether strictly observes the operating rules, all directly affects the work safety.

(ii) Hot coil spring forging safety technical essentials.

In view of the many unsafe factors in the forging equipment, the forging should have a certain knowledge of equipment maintenance and obey the safety rules. Forging must be qualified through training, Hot Coiling Spring otherwise the forging equipment and heating equipment shall not be operated separately.

Forging equipment operation parts, such as flywheel, transmission belts, gears and other parts, should be set up protective cover. The hydraulic press should have safety valve, automatic stopping and starting device. Accumulator, catheter and hydraulic cylinder should be installed separately pressure gauge, power regulator must also be equipped with safety valve.

The heating equipment mainly has heavy oil stove, electric stove and gas stove. Hot Coiling Spring One of the main hazards is poisoning, burns, grilled wounds and electric shocks, etc., the work should be strictly enforced operating procedures.

Hot coil spring forging, metal heating temperature up to 700-1300 ℃, strong radiation heat, hot material head, fly out of the oxide skin will cause harm to the human body, so operators must wear good personal protective equipment before starting work.

In the heat coil spring forging operation, operators should obey the safety rules, concentrate their energies and cooperate with each other, pay attention to choosing the safe position, avoiding the dangerous direction; when cutting off the material, the body should avoid the head to fly out of the direction; Hot Coiling Spring hand fitter grip and stand posture to correct, clamp to the right or the abdomen Shi to the command of the hand clamp accurate division hammer, hammering, each hammer to be lightly hit, and other tools and forgings to contact the stability of the rear can be a heavy blow, the forging is too cold, too thin, not placed in the center of the hammer, not stable or dangerous when not to hammer, so as not to damage the equipment, molds and injured arm, and the occurrence of forgings flying out, causing injury accidents It is strictly forbidden to drop hammers and hammers without authorization, Hot Coiling Spring to remove the oxidized skin on the anvil surface with hands or feet, and not to touch the forgings with hands, and to burn red blanks and forged forgings to avoid scalding others.

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