The Disc Spring Has A Long Service Life

- Aug 30, 2017 -

The disc spring is a conical annular disc bearing axial load. In general, the thickness of the disc is constant and the load is evenly distributed over the upper surface and the outer edge of the lower surface. The disc spring is usually made of spring steel, can withstand static load, not alternating load or dynamic load, can meet the strict fatigue life and load loss requirements.

Advantages of disc spring compared with spring:

1. Disc spring has variable stiffness characteristics. To change the ratio between the height of truncated cone and disc thickness, different spring characteristic curves can be obtained, Disc Spring which can be linear, progressive, tapered or their combination form. In addition, the variable stiffness characteristics can be obtained by different combinations of discs with different thicknesses or by overlapping discs of different slices.

2. The disc spring is subjected to great loads in a small space. Compared with other types of spring, the shape of the unit volume of the disc spring can be larger. The effect of absorbing shock and dissipation energy is more significant because of the effect of surface friction resistance, Disc Spring especially when overlapping combination is adopted.

3. Disc spring due to change the number of discs or the combination of discs, can be different bearing capacity and characteristics of the curve, so each size of the disc, Disc Spring can adapt to a wide range of use, which makes the preparation and management of spare parts is relatively easy.

4. The size of each disc in the combined spring, which is subjected to heavy loads, is advantageous for manufacturing and heat treatment. When some discs are damaged, they need to be replaced individually, Disc Spring thus facilitating maintenance and repair.

5. The correct design and manufacture of disc spring has a long service life.

6. Since the disc spring is annular, the force is transmitted in concentric ways.

Because of these advantages, the disc spring is often used in heavy machinery, aircraft, artillery and other machinery or weapons for strong cushioning and damping devices, but also the clutch, safety valve, Disc Spring pressure reducing valve, such as the clamping device.

Main features of Disc spring:

1, the correct design, manufacture and use of the disc spring, with a long service life.

2. When some discs in the combined disc spring are damaged, they need to be replaced individually to facilitate maintenance and reduce costs.

3, the axial dimension is small and the radial size is larger, under very small deformation conditions, it can withstand a large range of axial load, its unit volume deformation can be larger, Disc Spring with good cushioning absorption capacity, therefore suitable for small axial space, large radial space and bearing large occasions.

4, with the characteristics of variable stiffness, in the same diameter and diameter of the same condition, as long as the change in the disc spring thickness and the ratio of the inner cone height of the disc spring can be different spring characteristic curve.

5, easy to standardize, mass production, to improve quality and reduce costs.

6, change the number of disc springs or the combination of discs, in addition to the use of a single chip through different disc spring combinations such as superposition, involution, Disc Spring composite and other forms can be different bearing capacity and characteristics.

Application of Disc Spring:

Disc spring is often used for heavy-duty mechanical equipment, aircraft, artillery and other powerful cushioning and damping springs, also used in automobiles and tractors clutch, pump valve pressure Spring, Disc Spring automatic control mechanism, bolt joint in the elastic washer. Because of the wide application of disc spring, disc spring has been gradually used in many electromechanical products instead of the original cylindrical spring.

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