The Disc Spring Has A Long Service Life

- Sep 29, 2017 -

The shape of the disc spring is conical disc, different from the traditional spring, which has special function, the main features are large load, short trip, small space required, convenient combination, easy maintenance, high economic security. It is suitable for the precision heavy machinery with small space and large load. The best use range of compression stroke is 10 of its maximum compression stroke. Between the%-75%.

Characteristics of Disc Spring

1, the rigidity is big, the cushion absorbs the vibration ability is strong, can withstand the big load with the small deformation, Disc Spring suitable for the axial space request small occasion.

2, with variable stiffness characteristics, the spring has a wide range of nonlinear characteristics.

3, the same disc spring using different combinations, can make the spring characteristics in a wide range of changes. It can be combined with the combination of involution and superposition, Disc Spring and can also be combined with different thickness and different number of slices.

Surface Treatment of disc spring

1. General surface treatment of disc spring: After phosphoric acid treatment, add lubricating oil.

2, Disc spring Special surface Treatment: galvanized, steel, chromium, metal film, paint, Disc Spring such as electroplating, such as various processes.

Advantages of disc spring compared with spring:

1. The disc spring is subjected to great loads in a small space. Compared with other types of spring, the unit volume of disc spring can be deformed greatly. The effect of absorbing shock and dissipation energy is more significant because of the effect of surface friction resistance, Disc Spring especially when overlapping combination is adopted.

2. Disc spring has variable stiffness characteristics. To change the ratio between the height of truncated cone and disc thickness, different spring characteristic curves can be obtained, Disc Spring which can be linear, progressive, tapered or their combination form. In addition, the variable stiffness characteristics can be obtained by different combinations of discs with different thicknesses or by overlapping discs of different slices.

3. Disc spring due to change the number of discs or the combination of discs, can be different bearing capacity and characteristics of the curve, so each size of the disc, Disc Spring can adapt to a wide range of use, which makes the preparation and management of spare parts is relatively easy.

4. The size of each disc in the combined spring, which is subjected to heavy loads, is advantageous for manufacturing and heat treatment. When some discs are damaged, they need to be replaced individually, thus facilitating maintenance and repair.

5. The correct design, manufacture of butterfly spring, with a long service life.

6. Since the disc spring is annular, Disc Spring the force is transmitted in concentric ways.

Because of these advantages, the disc spring is often used in heavy machinery, aircraft, artillery and other machinery or weapons to make a strong buffer and shock absorber device, but also the clutch, safety valve, pressure reducing device, etc.

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