Tension Spring Is Also Known As Tie Rod Spring

- Aug 18, 2017 -

Tension spring applications include cassette tape players, balances, garage doors, washing machines, etc. There are different types of tensioning devices depending on the need. The end of various types is used to attach the force source of the tension spring. Most initial tension is due to tension spring winding. Tension Spring It is an internal force that keeps the coils tightly clasped together. The measured initial force is just beginning to separate the coils. A tension spring with a compression spring which has a load of zero at 0 deflection and can have a prelude at 0 deflection. At this time, the load, called the initial tension, can be changed within a certain range, reducing the increase in elastic index. Tension Spring Within the range of stress, there can be no problem holding any spring index. If the designer needs no initial tension, he should design the spring tension between the spring and the coil space. With a compression spring, the tensile projectile stops without a fixed stretch, so a length limit is required to prevent overloading. Because of this design the stress level is lower than the compression spring. A special type of tension spring is called a pull rod spring, Tension Spring and it has a solid block that is a compression spring with a special hook type.

Tension spring characteristics.

Many different terminal devices or "hooks" are used to keep tension springs from pulling. The tension spring is contrary to the working principle of the compression spring. The compression spring is reversed when pressed, and the tension spring is reversed when stretching or pulling. When the tension spring ends, Tension Spring the spring tries to pull them back together.

Like compression springs, tension springs are also absorbed and stored energy. But unlike compression springs, most tension springs are usually under a certain degree of tension, Tension Spring even when there is no load. This initial tension determines the tightness of the tension spring coiled without any load.

Product Material: Stainless steel

Product Features: Tensile limit buckle

Product use: To prevent the front end of the pulse electronic fence due to thermal expansion and contraction caused by alloy wire fracture and too slack

Number of installations: number of terminal rods *2* installation Quantity (for example: Four lines, eight lines)

Product content: When the tensile force reaches 10kg, Tension Spring the spring is no longer stretched, and the alloy wire is drawn.

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