Strong Cushioning Ability Of Disc Spring

- Sep 20, 2017 -

The disc spring is also known as the Belleville Spring washer, originally more than 100 years ago in France J. Belleville invented. In the early the 1930s, engineers (G. M.) Almen and Laszio developed the theory, developed production, quality standard Din 2092 and din 2093. These standards, the first industrial standard for disc springs, have been accepted worldwide and spread throughout Europe, and are now widely used by many multinationals. The next little series for you to introduce the function of disc spring and the characteristics of disc spring.

Function of Disc Spring

The shape of the disc spring is conical disc, different from the traditional spring, Disc Spring which has special function, the main features are large load, short trip, small space required, convenient combination, easy maintenance, high economic security. Disc Spring It is suitable for the precision heavy machinery with small space and large load. The best use range of compression stroke is 10 of its maximum compression stroke. Between the%-75%.

Characteristics of Disc Spring

1, the rigidity is big, the cushion absorbs the vibration ability is strong, can withstand the big load with the small deformation, Disc Spring suitable for the axial space request small occasion.

2, with variable stiffness characteristics, the spring has a wide range of nonlinear characteristics.

3, the same disc spring using different combinations, can make the spring characteristics in a wide range of changes. It can be combined with the combination of involution and superposition, Disc Spring and can also be combined with different thickness and different number of slices.

Surface Treatment of disc spring

1. General surface treatment of disc spring: After phosphoric acid treatment, add lubricating oil.

2, Disc spring Special surface Treatment: galvanized, steel, chromium, metal film, paint, Disc Spring such as electroplating, such as various processes.

The advantages of disc spring compared with cylindrical helical spring

1, the load deformation characteristic curve assumes the non-linear relation.

2, disc spring into thin shape, easy to form a combination of pieces, can implement the building block type assembly and replacement, thus bringing convenience to maintenance.

3. The disc spring with radial groove has 0 stiffness characteristics. This feature can be used in a certain deformation range to maintain the basic spring force stability of the occasion.

4, the disc spring absorption performance is not lower than the cylindrical helical spring, when the combination of the plate with the friction between the reed and the larger damping, Disc Spring dissipation impact energy.

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