On The Characteristics Of Multi - Strand Spiral Spring

- Mar 09, 2017 -

On the characteristics of multi-strand coil spring, multi-strand coil spring is a few strands of wire wound into a cable after the coil spring coil, and multi-strand coil spring steel wire in the stock, under normal circumstances are not in contact with each other Tightly, at the beginning of the load when the multi-strand coil spring is equivalent to a number of single-stranded coil spring each deformation. For compression springs, the cable is opposite to the direction of the spring, and as the load increases, the cable becomes more tight.

During the unloading process, the force released by the multi-strand coil spring is used to overcome the frictional force between the wires so that the initial load is reduced and the deformation does not change. While the stiffness is less than the loading phase. The load at this time is zero and will be referred to as the corresponding load at the beginning of recovery.

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