Helical Springs Are Commonly Used In Mechanical Balancing Mechanisms

- Jul 14, 2017 -

Helical Spring is the buffer element, the shape of the helix and the name, the spiral spring type is more, according to the external type can be divided into ordinary cylindrical helical spring and variable diameter helical spring, according to spiral direction can be divided into metal springs and right springs. Cylindrical helical spring has simple structure, convenient manufacture and widest application, its characteristic line is straight line, which can be used as compression spring, stretching spring and torsion spring. When the load is large and the radial size is limited, two different diameter compression springs can be used together to become a combination spring. The variable diameter helical spring has conical helical spring, spiral coil spring and middle concave helical spring. The cushioning performance of conical helical spring is good, and can withstand larger load. Spiral Coil Spring can store more energy and bear larger load, but the manufacturing process is more complex. The performance of the concave helical spring is similar to that of a conical helical spring, which is used for cushion and mattress. The surface of the spring steel wire is circular and rectangular, Spiral Spring which is most commonly used in circular section.

Helical Spring has the advantages of no lubrication, no fear of dirt, small weight and less space. It is commonly used in mechanical balancing mechanism, which is widely used in the industrial production of automobiles, machine tools and electrical appliances.

What kind of material does a helical spring make?

1. Helical Spring is a helical spring made of spring steel wire.

2, helical spring characteristics are:

(1) Precise regulation performance, that is, Spiral Spring the relationship between force and displacement is very sensitive;

(2) Soft performance is good, that is, Spiral Spring the range of deformation is relatively wide;

(3) the manufacture is easy;

(4) relatively compact structure;

(5) High energy interest rate.

3, Classification:

(1) According to the characteristics of the load at work, the helical spring can be divided into three kinds: compression, stretching and torsion;

(2) According to the structural characteristics, can be divided into cylindrical helical spring and variable diameter helical spring two major categories;

(3) According to its shape characteristics can be divided into conical, scroll shape, concave and convex shape.

(4) in the production and use, the spiral spring can also be divided into different size of the material diameter: large helical spring and small Helix Spring, Spiral Spring the former is usually hot forming, the latter is cold forming.

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