Compressed Spring High Utilization Rate

- Jun 06, 2017 -

Compression spring (compression spring) is to bear the axial pressure of the coil spring, it uses the material section is mostly round, but also useful rectangular and multi-stranded steel system, the spring is generally pitch, the shape of the compression spring : Cylindrical, conical, Compression Spring convex and concave and a small amount of non-circular, etc., compression spring between the circle and the circle has a certain gap, when the external load when the spring shrinkage deformation, storage deformation energy.

Reform and opening up more than 30 years, the domestic economy has been rapid development, GDP growth has become the world's second superpower. 2015 in the new economic growth model, the state put forward the "new normal" economic development model, optimize the allocation of resources, Compression Spring improve economic efficiency. Now the society, in the spring manufacturing industry, the utilization of compression springs is getting higher and higher, widely used to promote the development of the spring market, high-quality compression spring has become the common goal of the market. So how do you improve the quality of the compression spring?

① low temperature carbonitriding method

The use of tempering and low temperature carbonitriding combined with the technology, can effectively enhance the compression spring (computer spring machine) fatigue coefficient and corrosion resistance, Compression Spring so this technology is applied to the coil spring.

② spring isothermal quenching method

The smaller diameter or permeability of the spring products can be used to wait isothermal quenching method, which can only reduce the deformation, but also enhance the strong resistance to travel. In the isothermal quenching after the best and then a tempering treatment, can enhance the flexibility limit, Compression Spring tempering temperature and isothermal quenching temperature consistent.

③ shot peening method

Spring surface scratches, folding or oxidative decarburization and other shortcomings are usually compressed spring (computer spring machine) when the stress will be set and tired of the source of cracking. If the use of slim steel shot high spring spray spring appearance, not only can improve the quality of the appearance of the spring, the appearance of the appearance of the intensity, but also in the spring surface is under pressure to enhance the fatigue strength and extend the service life.

④ deformation heat treatment method

Will strengthen the heat treatment and deformation of the two steel to strengthen the combination of the two to better play the strength and patience of spring steel. In the deformation heat treatment has high, medium and low temperature of the points. The high-temperature deformation heat treatment is stable in the austenitic state after the deformation immediately after quenching, hot rolling or casting can also be combined, that is, Compression Spring after hot molding immediately quenching. Therefore, the deformation heat treatment method has been widely used in automobile leaf spring production.

⑤ spring relaxation method

Compression springs are operated under long term external forces. Relaxation of the stress causes a slight plastic deformation of the spring, especially at high temperatures. This will result in a decrease in the accuracy of the spring and consequently its performance. The compression spring can be lifted after quenching and tempering: preloading the spring so that it deforms across the spring when the spring can be deformed during operation. And then heated at a temperature higher than normal temperature of 20 ° C, preferably 8 to 24 hours.

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