What are the functions of the spring?

- Mar 09, 2017 -

1 buffer function

Between the frame and the wheel is equipped with a spring, the use of spring elasticity to slow down the vehicle bumps. So every motor vehicle above the spring is also quite large use.

2, vibration sound function

When the air from the harmonica, the accordion in the spring hole flow, the impact reed, reed vibration issued a beautiful sound.

3, measurement function

How is the spring scale made? It is within the elastic limit, the spring elongation (or contraction) is proportional to the external force. Spring scales are made using this property.

4, reset function

The spring under the action of external force deformation, remove the external force, the spring can return to normal state. A lot of equipment and tools is to use this property to reset. For example, many buildings on the hinges are equipped with a reset spring when people come and go, the door will automatically soothe. People also use this feature made of automatic pencil, automatic umbrella and other items, very convenient.

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