Multi - strand spring processing precautions

- Mar 09, 2017 -

1, without supporting the ring spring and wire diameter too thin spring should not be welded head, but the end of the cable should not be obvious loose, should be burr. Where the need to weld the head of the multi-strand spring, the welding site length should be less than 3 times the cable diameter (up to no more than 10 mm). Heating length should be less than one turn, should be polished after welding smooth, welding parts should be local welding low temperature annealing.

2, the support ring according to product requirements can choose cold and heat and two methods. The use of heat and the way does not allow the spring to the spark or whitening, silicon manganese steel temperature shall not be higher than 850 ℃. The support ring and the effective ring should be in effective contact, the gap shall not exceed 10% of the gap between the circle.

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