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Precision Extension Spring

Precision Extension Spring

This is applied to electronic components ,Small machinery equipments, the wire diameter is between 0.3mm and 1.0mm.

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This is applied to electronic components, Small machinery equipments, the wire diameter is between 0.3mm and 1.0mm.

Widely used in medical equipment, respiratory motion control, mobile medical equipment, hand tools, home care equipment, shock absorber, pump spring, mechanical and electronic door hardware, fluid control valves, mechanical and aerospace components, actuator and switch equipment.
The extension spring, also known as the spiral tension spring, is generally the pitch, the cross section is circular, they can be used in many occasions, such as production assembly, experiment, research and development, maintenance, etc.. Spring occupies an important position in the global market, widely used in national defense, marine, computer, electronics, automobile, mold, medical, biochemistry, aerospace, railway, nuclear power, wind power, thermal power, engineering machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, elevator etc..


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