What Is The Effect Of The Quenching Process Of The Tension Spring?

- Mar 09, 2017 -

What is the effect of the quenching process of the tension spring? In the heat treatment quenching process of the tension spring, it is desirable to reduce the deformation and prevent cracking by controlling the cooling rate of the stretched spring product to achieve higher and uniform hardness and sufficient depth of the hardened layer.

The hardenability of steel: hardenability, also known as quenching, to the conditions under the conditions of steel samples hardened depth and hardness distribution to characterize the material properties. It is the property of the steel itself.

For tensile spring products, the requirements for steel is to ensure that the carbon content of 0.50% -0.75%, for the Mn element is 0.50%. Carbon and manganese elements are elements that affect hardenability. As the hardenability of domestic steel with a wide, should be the lowest conditions for hardenable quasi-quasi-quenching oil cooling rate.

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