The Compression Spring Controls The Movement Of The Machine

- Jul 04, 2017 -

The compression spring is a helical cylindrical spring wound by a round wire whose pressure is proportional to the amount of compression

The compression spring provides resistance to the load pressure. Compression springs are generally wire and other pitch coiled and have a fixed diameter. The compression springs use a plurality of open coils to supply resistance to external loads (such as gravity depressing the wheels, or by pressing the body on the mattress), that is, Compression Spring they are pushed back against external pressure, and also have a conical compression spring, or Conical and linear combination of spring. Depending on the application area, the compression spring can be used to resist pressure and / or storage energy. Round wire is the most commonly used compression spring, but also square, rectangular and special shape of the wire manufacturing Out of the compression spring.

The main function of the compression spring is to control the movement of the machine, such as the valve spring in the internal combustion engine, the control spring in the clutch. Absorb vibration and shock energy, such as cars, train cars under the buffer spring, the coupling in the vibration spring and so on. Compression Spring Storage and output energy as power, such as clocks and springs, spring in the firearms and so on. Used as force measuring elements, such as dynamometer, spring scales in the spring and so on. Spring load and deformation ratio is called the spring stiffness, the greater the stiffness, the harder the spring.

In order to compress the spring to work at high temperatures, it is necessary to have a very good anti-relaxation, thermal stability and antioxidant capacity, but also have a certain degree of corrosion resistance. Why is this?

Because if the temperature of the compression spring is high, Compression Spring the elastic modulus of the spring-making material will decrease, which leads to a decrease in the bearing capacity of the spring and a decrease in stiffness. So, to make it work at high temperatures we need to know the rate of change, but also need to calculate the impact of the load on the spring performance. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the general spring if the work of the temperature is higher than 60 degrees, Compression Spring the need for its shear modulus of a certain adjustment.

The use of spring steel to make the spring, the choice of spring according to the size of the stress and its nature to determine its hardness, but if the plane strain fracture, it may be due to the hardness caused by the reasons.

If the compression spring is used in the instrument or in the instrument, most manufacturers will use a constant elastic alloy because of its very small change in the coefficient of expansion, which is also to meet its accuracy from temperature changes.

In the material selection time, the hardening performance of steel is to pay attention to, this point on the quality of the compression spring is relatively large.

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