The Coil Spring Structure Is Relatively Compact

- Jul 04, 2017 -

The coil spring is a helical spring made of spring wire.

The characteristics of the coil spring are:

(1) precision adjustment performance, that is, the relationship between force and displacement is very sensitive;

(2) soft and good performance, that is, Spiral Spring a relatively wide range of deformation;

(3) manufacturing easier;

(4) the structure is relatively compact;

(5) high energy rate.

Spiral spring classification:

(1) according to the characteristics of the load by the different work, the coil spring can be divided into compression, stretching and twisting three;

(2) According to the structural characteristics, can be divided into cylindrical coil spring and variable diameter coil spring two categories; Spiral Spring variable diameter coil spring to bear the compression load;

(3) according to its shape characteristics can be divided into conical, spiral, concave and convex.

(4) in the production and use of the coil spring can also be formed by the method and the diameter of the material is divided into different: large coil spring and small spiral spring two categories; Spiral Spring the former is usually hot forming, which is cold forming.

 A spring spring made of spring wire. Spiral spring type is more, according to the shape can be divided into ordinary cylindrical coil spring and adjustable coil spring

The helical spring can be divided into a left-handed spring and a right-handed spring in the direction of the helix. Cylindrical spiral spring structure is simple, easy to manufacture, the most widely used, the characteristics of a straight line, can be used for compression springs, tension springs and torsion springs. When the load is large and radial size and there are restrictions, the two different diameters of different compression springs can be used together to become a combination of spring. The variable coil spring has a conical coil spring, a scroll coil spring and a concave coil spring. Conical coil spring cushioning performance is better, Spiral Spring can withstand a larger load. Spiral coil coil spring can store more energy and bear a larger load, but the manufacturing process is more complex. The performance of the concave coil spring is similar to that of the conical coil spring and is used for cushion and mattress. Spring steel wire surface with a round and rectangular, etc., to circular section is the most commonly used.

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