Is There An Electroplated Car Spring Now?

- Mar 09, 2017 -

Is there an electroplated car spring now? In the 1990s, electroplated springs were all the rage, bright and bright, very beautiful, but with the government to increase the intensity of the governance environment, a lot of electroplating factory was forced to close the plating spring in the market has become scarce So now there are electroplated car springs?

Spring raw materials are metal, so the spring there are some features of the metal, in the plating is to use concentrated sulfuric acid to the rust on the spring passivation, so that the electrophoresis of the spring plating is bright a lot, and precisely because the use of concentrated sulfuric acid, The impact of the soil and the surrounding environment is very large, so the government realized that the environmental protection of environmental protection when the delay, these enterprises also closed down, and this result also led to spring manufacturers can not use the plating to do anti-corrosion measures for the spring.