The Calculation Formula of Steel Plate Spring Stiffness

- Mar 09, 2017 -

The calculation of the stiffness of the leaf spring, the common curvature method proposed by the former Soviet Union's Parrilovsky, the basic assumption that the leaf spring after loading the leaves in any section have the same curvature, that is, Into a variable section beam, which introduced the symmetry plate spring stiffness calculation formula is as follows:

The basic assumption of the concentrated load method is that the blades of the leaf spring are only in contact with each other at the ends, that is, only one contact point between the i-th and the i-th sheet is assumed, the contact force is Pi, and at the contact point The deflection of two adjacent vanes is equal. Where P1 is the first load on the first piece. Therefore, the unknown force in the system is P2, P3, ..., Pn total n-1, from the contact point at the same degree of deflection can be obtained n-1 equation, the solution of this system can be obtained unknown force P2, P3, ..., Pn, and then the first piece of the load received by the first piece of the end of the deflection, and then can be obtained plate spring stiffness.

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