Od400mm Ring Spring

- May 10, 2017 -

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Function:Buffer

  • Material:Steel

  • Usage:Industrial

  • Load Type:Compression

Product Description

Ring spring are composed by the outer ring of the ring spring with the inner cone and the inner ring with outer cone .
The logarithm of the outer ring is determined according to the size and deformation of the load. Ring spring commonly used in space size is limited and need a strong buffer, the ring spring is composed of many internal and external ring, if damaged or worn out, do not need to be replaced, only need to replace the individual round, repair more easily, but also more economical. Because the contact surface of the outer ring and inner ring along the circular cone is relatively sliding, the contact surface has a large friction force, and the axial force is balanced by the surface pressure and the friction force. Therefore, equivalent to reducing the role of the axial load, that is, the increase of the stiffness of the spring. When unloading, the friction force is blocked by the elastic deformation of the spring, so that the spring force is reduced.

Ring spring: the spring of the spring steel and the outer conical surface of the conical surface of the inner cylindrical surface of the cylindrical surface of the cylindrical surface of the inner conical surface.

The inner and outer rings of the ring spring are determined by the size of the load and the requirement of the deformation.
Ring spring is applied to the space constrained and requires a strong buffer.

Ring spring is a kind of strong spring, which has a large buffer capacity, the ratio of OABO and OACO can reach 60 to 70%.

So far our company can make the ring spring with outer diameter of 400MM, the annual output of tens of tons, welcome to contact with us.

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