The Elasticity Of Hot Coil Spring Is Smaller

- Sep 29, 2017 -

Hot Coil Spring is a large spring, hot roll refers to the production process, the volume of large-scale spring is the most commonly used in the process is the hot coil spring, its characteristics are mainly reflected in the heat after easy to distort forming, less resilient, after the formation needs to be quenched and tempered treatment. Hot coil Spring In the use of the process mainly to bear the role of load, and it can withstand how much load? This depends on the raceway angle of the outer ring, the greater the bearing capacity of the angle. There are conical inner ring and outer ring raceway, the tapered rollers are arranged between the two. All the projection lines on the cone surface are clustered at the same point in the spring axis. Hot Coiling Spring Its load situation also determines its use in the industry. We want to buy quality products when purchasing, so that its load is more guaranteed. Hot coil Spring general implementation of GB, its surface to do spray, painting, electroplating, Dacromet and other treatment. Hot Coiling Spring Coil spring is widely used in national defense, marine, aerospace, railway, nuclear power, wind power, thermal, engineering machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, elevators and other fields.

1. Hot coil Spring Standard: Is GB 1239.4 to 1989. (Hot coil cylindrical helical spring technical conditions)

2. Hot Coil Spring manufacturing process: Hot coil spring (large spring) production line ¢15~¢80mm hot coil spring (large spring), hot coil spring (large spring) shape for right and left, cylindrical pull (pressure) force spring, torsion spring, and cone, middle convex, middle concave spring, etc.

3. Hot coil Spring surface requirements: surface anti-rust treatment can be: spray, spray painting, electroplating, Dacromet, etc. Hot Coiling Spring or according to user requirements.

4. Hot coil Spring Material: alloy spring steel: 60si2mna, 50CrVA, 4cr13, 60SI2CRA, load capacity: 500n-1 million n.

5. Hot Coil Spring application: Hot coil Spring also name large spring, because this kind of spring general diameter is very big, hot coil spring line diameter reaches 16-200mm, Hot Coiling Spring the production process uses the hot roll craft. The giant spring is easy to distort after heating, and the elasticity is small, after the molding needs quenching and tempering treatment. Spring used in national defense, marine, aerospace, railway, nuclear power, wind power, thermal, engineering machinery, mining machinery, Hot Coiling Spring construction machinery, elevators, etc., supporting or replacing steel mills and domestic power plants and other equipment on the hot coil spring.

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