The Coil Spring Is Soft And Good

- Oct 26, 2017 -

Spiral springs are used in a wide range of applications, not only in the areas of life we know can see its shadow, but also in some special production processes, the coil spring also plays an indispensable role. Spiral spring wire belongs to an extension of its products, Spiral Spring also known as slingshot and spiral, it is used to control the movement of mobile equipment power connection, because the rebound takes a short time, the buffer performance is good, so participate in the structure into a lot Parts, and the market offer is not very high.

The coil spring is a helical spring made of spring wire.

The characteristics of the coil spring are:

(1) precision adjustment performance, that is, the relationship between force and displacement is very sensitive;

(2) soft and good performance, that is, Spiral Spring a relatively wide range of deformation;

(3) manufacturing easier;

(4) the structure is relatively compact;

(5) high energy rate.

The coil spring, the torsion spring, is a spring that undergoes a torsional deformation and its working part is also tightly wound in a spiral. The end structure of the torsion spring is machined into various shapes of the torsion arms, Spiral Spring not the hook rings. Torsional springs are commonly used in machinery in the balance of institutions, in the automotive, machine tools, electrical and other industrial production is widely used.

The coil spring is made of spring steel bar, which is used in all kinds of independent suspension. It is characterized by no vibration and steering function, can only withstand vertical load. In the spiral spring suspension must be installed in the shock absorber and guide mechanism, Spiral Spring the former from the vibration effect, which is used to pass the vertical force of the various forces and moments, and play a guiding role.

The coil spring has the following advantages:

1. Precise regulation performance. That is, the relationship between force and displacement is very sensitive;

2. The softness is good, that is, Spiral Spring the deformation range is relatively wide;

3. manufacturing easier;

4. The structure is relatively compact;

The coil spring combines the above advantages, while other types of springs are not available. For example, although the torsion bar precision adjustment performance, but the soft performance is poor; leaf spring has a good soft performance, but poor precision performance. The precision adjustment of the coil spring is due to its almost no friction and damping results. If the damping is an important factor to consider, Spiral Spring

it is appropriate to use a plate spring, ring spring or disc spring. It should be noted that, as far as possible, the coil spring is used as a compression spring, and should not be used as a tension spring, Spiral Spring no matter what occasion.

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