Strong Cushioning Ability Of Disc Spring

- Oct 17, 2017 -

The disc spring is also known as the Belleville Spring washer, originally more than 100 years ago in France J. Belleville invented. In the early the 1930s, engineers (G. M.) Almen and Laszio developed the theory, developed production, quality standard Din 2092 and din 2093. These standards, the first industrial standard for disc springs, have been accepted worldwide and spread throughout Europe, Disc Spring and are now widely used by many multinationals.

Function of Disc Spring

The shape of the disc spring is conical disc, different from the traditional spring, which has special function, the main features are large load, short trip, small space required, convenient combination, easy maintenance, high economic security. It is suitable for the precision heavy machinery with small space and large load. Disc Spring The best use range of compression stroke is 10 of its maximum compression stroke. Between the%-75%.

Characteristics of Disc Spring

1, the rigidity is big, the cushion absorbs the vibration ability is strong, Disc Spring can withstand the big load with the small deformation, suitable for the axial space request small occasion.

2, with variable stiffness characteristics, the spring has a wide range of nonlinear characteristics.

3, the same disc spring using different combinations, Disc Spring can make the spring characteristics in a wide range of changes. It can be combined with the combination of involution and superposition, and can also be combined with different thickness and different number of slices.

Surface Treatment of disc spring

1. General surface treatment of disc spring: After phosphoric acid treatment, add lubricating oil.

2, Disc spring Special surface Treatment: galvanized, steel, chromium, metal film, paint, Disc Spring such as electroplating, such as various processes.

Disc spring into thin shape, easy to form a combination of pieces, can implement the building block type assembly and replacement, Disc Spring thus bringing convenience to maintenance.

Disc Spring characteristics

Short trip, heavy load. The required space is small. Combination of easy to use. Easy to repair and dress up. High economic and security.


Standard material CK67 According to DIN2093 requirements for thickness less than 1.25 mm, Disc Spring such as customer needs in exceptional cases can also be applied in millimeters thick.

The most advanced spring material is 50crv4 to ensure that the spring is very good at ─15℃-150℃ working temperature. Suitable for disc spring under 6 mm thickness

Surface Treatment:

General Surface Treatment: Phosphoric acid treatment and lubricating oil

The six main characteristics of disc spring

The main characteristics of disc spring and other types of spring, such as helical spring and steel leaf spring, are as six:

The axial dimension of the ⑴ disc spring is small and the radial size is larger, it can be under very small deformation condition, under the variable range of the axial load, Disc Spring the unit volume of deformation can be larger, with good cushioning absorption capacity, so suitable for small axial space, large radial space and bearing large occasions.

The ⑵ has the characteristics of variable rigidity in the same condition as the size of the outer diameter and the inner diameter. As long as the ratio of the disc spring thickness to the inner cone height of the disc spring can be changed, the spring characteristic curve is different, and the z=ho/t﹤2 is the positive stiffness (stiffness) of the z=0 2~1.3; z=ho/t≈2 is the positive stiffness of 0 stiffness z=1.3~1.5; 2﹤ho/t﹤22 is the positive stiffness of negative stiffness z=1.5~2.3; z﹥22 is the positive stiffness of negative stiffness z﹥2.8. Disc Spring The disc spring in GB is used z﹤2.

⑶ change the number of disc springs or the combination of discs, in addition to the use of a single chip through different disc spring combinations, such as superposition, involution, composite and other forms can obtain different load capacity and characteristics.

⑷ in the combined disc spring when some discs are damaged, they need to be replaced individually to facilitate maintenance and reduce costs.

(5) It is easy to standardize with large-scale production, improve the quality and reduce the cost. Disc spring is often used for heavy-duty mechanical equipment, aircraft, artillery and other powerful cushioning and damping springs, also used in automobiles and tractors clutch, pump valve pressure Spring, Disc Spring automatic control mechanism, bolt joint in the elastic washer. Because of the wide application of disc spring, disc spring has been gradually used in many electromechanical products instead of the original cylindrical spring.

(6) The correct design, manufacture and use of the disc spring, Disc Spring with a long service life.

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