Production Process Of Hot Coil Spring

- Oct 17, 2017 -

Hot coil spring is mainly used for large-scale spring coil, easy to distort after heating, less elasticity, Hot Coiling Spring after the formation of quenching after tempering treatment.

Hot Coil Spring is also known as large spring, because this spring general diameter is very large, hot coil spring line diameter reached 16-200mm, the production process using hot roll process. The giant spring is easy to distort after heating, and the elasticity is small, Hot Coiling Spring after the molding needs quenching and tempering treatment. Used in national defense, marine, aerospace, railway, nuclear power, wind power, thermal, engineering machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, elevators, etc., supporting or replacement of steel mills and domestic power plants and other equipment on the hot coil spring.

Hot Coil Spring production method: Blanking → end processing (rolling flat or forging) → heating → coil spring → quenching → tempering → grinding end surface → compression → (load test) → shot (cleaning) → coating.

The hot coil spring shape is right and left, cylindrical pull (pressure) force spring, torsion spring, and cone, middle convex, Hot Coiling Spring middle concave big spring, etc.

Application of hot coil spring in dust remover:

Dust catcher Ash Cleaning technology advanced, work stability. Off-line pulse bag filter control can be advanced programmable controller, with differential pressure, timing, manual three control mode, the off-line valve, Hot Coiling Spring pulse valve, ash relief valve, etc. to achieve a comprehensive system control. The design of reasonable inlet flow pipe and ash bucket diversion technology can solve the phenomenon of uneven airflow in every compartment of general bag filter. The upper end of the bag adopts hot coil spring expansion ring type, good sealing, Hot Coiling Spring repair and replacement bag cage standard length of 6m, also can grow meters according to need.

Hot coil springs are not only used in industrial production, and in the commodity industry and hardware industry, including lighters, toys, locks, door hinges, fitness, mattresses, sofas and so on, Hot Coiling Spring in terms of the number of cylinders, the largest demand for Bai, in the future, the market demand will be 7%~10% annual growth rate OH.

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