Hot Roll Spring Carrying Capacity

- Aug 08, 2017 -

Hot coil spring is mainly used for large spring roll, easy to twist after heating forming, less resilience, after quenching and tempering after molding.

The cold spring is directly wound with spring steel wire, the elasticity is bigger, the winding tool needs to consider the amount of springback compensation, and it is directly tempered.

Mainly the production process is different, to compression spring as an example:

Hot roll spring Typical process: blanking --- end processing (rolling flat or forging flat) --- heating --- coil spring --- quenching --- tempering --- grinding end face --- compression - - (load test) - shot peening (cleaning) --- painting.

Hot spring is a large number of production of mechanical parts, Hot Coiling Spring and manufacturing requirements are very strict, technically specialized high degree, so for the vast majority of easy to buy spring varieties, should be more cost-effective than the repair, only in the following Circumstances, only to consider the repair of the spring, that is:

(1) large-scale factories used by a large number of the same type of spring, Hot Coiling Spring the failure of the main surface of the rolling surface wear, fatigue or fretting abrasion, especially damaged parts are mostly cage or rolling body, and rings or washers are still repair value;

(2) large and extra large springs, on the verge of failure or have failed and the parts are no major damage, or precious hot coil spring must try to extend its effective use of the period;

(3) some really difficult to buy the spring varieties, Hot Coiling Spring no spare parts after failure and have to repair, especially the import spring;

(4) a slight damage to the spring, such as the slight rust generated during the stock period, and the slight micro-abrasion of the transport process, which is easy to repair.

In addition to the economy, the repair of the hot coil spring and its technical, which requires the repair staff to fully understand the corresponding technical requirements of the spring, Hot Coiling Spring and the spring and its parts in the structure, technology and materials on the characteristics, otherwise it is difficult to ensure that the spring Repair has the desired effect.

Users in the repair of the spring business, such as access to professional spring business cooperation, will be able to get the following benefits:

(1) can clearly repair the technical requirements of the various processes, Hot Coiling Spring and how to ensure the overall quality of the repair of the spring,

(2) can use a number of specialized experience of professional spring plant, Hot Coiling Spring these experiences can reliably, efficiently and economically meet the process requirements;

(3) can be customized to the professional spring business card mold, borrowed in the repair business, may be more economical and save a lot of trouble;

(4) can be ordered to professional spring enterprises such as cage, rolling, rivets and other accessories, may make the repair work simple and economical.

If the hot coil spring is mounted on the adapter sleeve, determine the direction of the spring seat. The position of the nozzle of the spring seat cover should always be on the other side of the set nut. Care must be taken in the direction of the entire spring seat, since the top cover and base must be installed in the original direction.

The hot coil spring is mainly used to bear radial load and radial joint load based on radial load. Compared with the angular contact ball spring, carrying capacity, low speed limit. Hot Coiling Spring The hot coil spring can withstand the axial load in one direction and can limit the axial displacement of the shaft or housing in one direction.

Characteristics of safety technology for hot roll spring forging

(A) hot roll spring forging production characteristics.

The heating of the metal material forging into a variety of shapes of tools, mechanical parts or rough, that the hot roll forging. Hot roll spring forging can change the internal structure of metal materials, refine the crystal, improve its mechanical properties. As the hot coil spring forging is in the hot state of metal materials to squeeze, pressure, forging, forming, so the production process there is high temperature, smoke, Hot Coiling Spring vibration and noise and other hazards, a slight negligence may occur burning, machine tool damage And fire accident.

Hot roll spring forging production must use heating equipment, forging equipment and many auxiliary tools.

Heating equipment mainly flame furnace (oil furnace, gas stove, etc.) and electric furnace. The furnace and the burning of the workpiece radiation a lot of heat, Hot Coiling Spring the flame furnace used in a variety of fuel combustion production of slag, soot, such as not taking ventilation purification measures, will pollute the working environment, deteriorating working conditions, easily lead to injury accidents.

Forging equipment mainly steam hammer, air hammer, die forging hammer, mechanical hammer, plywood hammer, spring hammer, belt hammer, crank press, friction press, hydraulic press, reaming machine, roll forging machine. A variety of forging equipment are applied to the impact load on the workpiece, so easy to damage the equipment and the occurrence of personal accidents; such as forging hammer piston rod break, Hot Coiling Spring it often cause serious injury accident. The vibration and noise generated during the work of the forging equipment affect the artificial nervous system and increase the likelihood of accidents.

Forging tools and auxiliary tools, especially hand forging and free forging tools, clamps, etc., are also placed in the workplace at the same time, often very messy; and because of the frequent replacement of tools at work, it increases the difficulty of inspection tools , Sometimes improvise the use of inappropriate tools, likely to cause injury accidents. Hot roll spring forging production in a large volume, to use a variety of transport equipment, a little attention is also prone to accidents.

Hot roll spring forging is a collective operation, Hot Coiling Spring each operator's technical level, mental state and whether to strictly abide by the operating procedures, have a direct impact on job safety.

(2) hot roll spring forging safety technical points.

In view of the forging equipment there are many unsafe factors, so the forging should be a certain degree of equipment maintenance knowledge, and to comply with safe operating procedures. Forging must be trained and qualified, otherwise it is not necessary to operate the forging equipment and heating equipment separately.

Forging equipment operating parts, such as flywheels, transmission belts, gears and other parts, should be set up protective cover. Hydraulic press should have safety valve, automatic stop and start device. Accumulator, conduit and hydraulic cylinder should be installed separately pressure gauge, power regulator must also be equipped with a safety valve.

Heating equipment mainly heavy oil furnace, electric furnace and gas stove. One of the main hazards are gas poisoning, burns, bruises and electric shock, etc., work should be strictly enforced operating procedures.

Hot coil spring forging, the metal heating temperature of 700-1300 ℃, a strong radiant heat, hot material head, flying out of the scale of the skin will cause harm to the human body, so the operator must wear a personal protective equipment before starting work The

In the hot roll spring forging operations, the operator to comply with safe operating procedures, focus, complement each other; pay attention to select the safe position, escape the dangerous direction; cut off the material, the body to hide the direction of flying head; Pliers and standing posture to be correct, Hot Coiling Spring the pliers are not allowed to face or against the abdomen; Secretary hammer according to the command of the pliers accurate hammer, hammering, each hammer to lightly hit, and other tools and forgings contact stability Rear for heavy blow; forging too cold, too thin, not placed in the hammer center, not stable or dangerous when not hammer, so as not to damage the equipment, mold and shock arm, and the occurrence of forgings fly, causing injury ; Not allowed to drop the hammer and hammer, are not allowed to hand or feet to remove the anvil surface of the oxide skin, are not allowed to touch the hand forging; red billet and forging forgings are not allowed to throw, so as not to burn others The

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