High Bearing Capacity Of Hot Coil Spring

- Sep 20, 2017 -

The hot coil spring is mainly used for radial and axial joint loads which are mainly subjected to radial load. Compared with angular contact ball Spring, the bearing capacity is large and the limit speed is low. The coil spring can withstand axial load in one direction and can limit axial displacement in one direction of the shaft or enclosure.

Hot coil spring is mainly used for large-scale spring coil, Hot Coiling Spring easy to distort after heating, less elasticity, after the formation of quenching after tempering treatment.

Coil spring directly with the spring steel wire winding, back to a larger elasticity, winding tools need to consider springback compensation, roll into direct tempering treatment.

Hot Coil spring reaches the longest service life and several points of attention of detecting spring

In order to ensure the long life of coil springs, Hot Coiling Spring can not be satisfied with the general installation and adjustment requirements, it is appropriate to take the following measures:

(1) The hot coil spring is grouped by the size of its interference fit surface, and the spring is arranged sequentially in each group according to its clearance size. The corresponding shaft or the diameter of the seat hole are grouped equally. The spring group with large surface size is matched with a large diameter shaft group or a block-hole group, and the small size is matched with the small diameter of the corresponding group. In each matching group, the hot coil spring with large clearance is tightly matched, and the hot coil spring with small clearance has a loose fit. Hot Coiling Spring The result of this selection, in the same batch of installed machines, hot coil spring with the surplus is more consistent, but not loose, but also tight, the clearance is also more uniform, so as to ensure that the hot coil spring after installation of the prestressing appropriate, and avoid creeping, ring swelling, Hot Coiling Spring due to improper clearance caused by the impact, vibration or fever, The occurrence of abnormal spring failure.

(2) The coaxial degree of the axle neck and the seat hole of the supporting ends and the perpendicular degree of the bearing end face should be ensured strictly to prevent the additional load from being produced. If possible, Hot Coiling Spring the mechanical elements acting on the spring outside the load should be slightly away from the more easily damaged end of the hot coil spring, while the shaft and the rotating parts system should be as smooth as possible.

Several points for maintaining and detecting hot coil springs

1, in the use of hot coil spring process, regular cleaning is very important. How to accurately clean the spring? First, the spring to remove the check, first use photography and other methods to do the appearance of records. Also, Hot Coiling Spring confirm the amount of residual lubricant and sample the lubricant before cleaning the spring.

2. The cleaning of the spring is divided into coarse washing and fine washing, Hot Coiling Spring and the metal net frame can be placed on the bottom of the container used.

3, in the crude wash, in the oil, such as brush cleaning grease or sticky objects. At this point, if the transfer of the spring in the oil, the blending of foreign bodies, such as damage to the rolling surface.

4, the essence of washing, in the oil slowly migrate change spring, must be hard to stop.

5, daily use of the cleaning agent for neutral water-free diesel or oil, according to the demand sometimes also use temperature of lye and so on. No matter which kind of cleaning agent to use, we must often filter confrontation clean.

6, after cleaning, immediately on the hot coil spring coated antirust oil or rust-proof grease.

To let the import spring longer for the mechanical operation of the service, Hot Coiling Spring regular hot coil spring to do routine testing is very necessary, through the detection can effectively find the mechanical operation of the problems, so that the problem is well resolved, effectively increased the life of the spring.

In the detection of the main observation of the spring of the rivet head is not skewed, relaxed welding position is not correct. The welding of the cage is good or bad. Welding point is not too small, there is not a solid welding, or excessive welding caused by the card ball and so on. are in the detection of import spring process in particular need to pay attention to the place. There are also some issues to note.

The local detection of the spring. First in the environment of the import of spring inspection should be in the light of the environment, preferably astigmatism, so as to better the outside of the spring observation, see its surface and no cracks and other strange. For example, mechanical clouds in the process of wear, scratches, pressure touch, Hot Coiling Spring will lead to a spring device offset, resulting in a bad device position, causing the flat load and stress concentration, the precision of the spring and the use of life reduced.

Hot coil spring Forging can change the internal microstructure of metal materials, refine the crystal and improve its mechanical properties. Because hot coil spring forging is in the hot state of metal extrusion, pressure, forging, molding, so the production process has high temperature, soot, Hot Coiling Spring vibration and noise and other hazards, a little negligence may occur burning, machine tool damage and fire accident.

Hot coil spring Forging production must use heating equipment, forging equipment and many auxiliary tools.

Hot coil spring forging, metal heating temperature up to 700-1300 ℃, strong radiation heat, hot material head, fly out of the oxide skin will cause harm to the human body, so operators must wear good personal protective equipment before starting work.

In the heat coil spring forging operation, operators should obey the safety rules, concentrate their energies and cooperate with each other, pay attention to choosing the safe position, avoiding the dangerous direction; when cutting off the material, the body should avoid the head to fly out of the direction; Hot Coiling Spring hand fitter grip and stand posture to correct, clamp to the right or the abdomen Shi to the command of the hand clamp accurate division hammer, hammering, each hammer to be lightly hit, and other tools and forgings to contact the stability of the rear can be a heavy blow, the forging is too cold, too thin, not placed in the center of the hammer, Hot Coiling Spring not stable or dangerous when not to hammer, so as not to damage the equipment, molds and injured arm, and the occurrence of forgings flying out, causing injury accidents It is strictly forbidden to drop hammers and hammers without authorization, to remove the oxidized skin on the anvil surface with hands or feet, and not to touch the forgings with hands, and to burn red blanks and forged forgings to avoid scalding others.

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