Compression Spring Application Appliance Equipment

- Aug 30, 2017 -

Compression Springs (compressionsprings) provide resistance to external pressure. The compression spring is usually a wire, such as pitch coiling and has a fixed diameter. Compression springs supply resistance by using multiple open coils to load pressure (such as gravity under the wheel, or body pressure on the mattress). That is, Compression Spring they push back against external pressure. The compression spring is usually a wire, such as pitch coiling and has a fixed diameter. In addition, there are conical compression springs, or conical and straight-line combinations of springs. According to different application areas, compression springs can be used to withstand pressure and/or storage energy. The round wire is the most commonly used compression spring, Compression Spring but also has the square, the rectangle and the special shape metal wire to manufacture the compression spring.

Compression Spring Features:

Compression Spring (pressure spring) is a helical spring which is subjected to pressure, the material section of which is more rounded, also useful rectangular and many strands of steel coil, spring is generally equal to the pitch, the shape of the compression spring is: cylindrical, conical, Compression Spring middle convex and concave and a small number of non-circular, compression spring circle and the circle between a certain gap, When subjected to external load, the spring shrinks and deforms, storing the deformation energy.

Application: The compression spring of the steel wire spring is used for everything from home appliances to mobile devices, motor types, as it is the type of spring required. Compression Spring The compression spring is designed to return the spring back to its original shape, which is loaded by the load acting on them or the end of them, and the load is pushed back.

Main application direction: Medical breathing equipment, Compression Spring medical mobile equipment, hand tools, home care equipment, shock absorber, engine valve spring.

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