Spring product demand for large market application analysis

- Mar 09, 2017 -

1, the automotive industry

The automotive and engine industries are the largest market in the spring industry, accounting for 50% of the industry's total industrial output. The automotive industry, especially the car industry grew rapidly, the trend of the car into the family increased year by year, the demand for high-end spring is increasing. With the strengthening of global environmental awareness, environmental protection car development and put into use also opened the curtain. In addition, the state investment in infrastructure to increase, will inevitably lead to the development of truck, spring for the market.

2, agricultural machinery industry

On the one hand is the rapid development of agricultural vehicles, spring industry will bring some development. On the other hand, the state stressed that the rural, agricultural, farmers this "three rural" good service, the rural market has great potential, and "15" period will be a great degree of development, which will also spring industry Provide a great market.

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